Cropsey posterA documentary recently came to my attention that simply blew my mind, and I assumed might many of you as well, but I held off on reporting it, because I was sure–sure–someone else would get to it, probably right as I was typing mine up. It just seemed like such a given! Well, some days have gone by, and nothing. So it is my duty to report to you the existence of Cropsey full movie that dares to ask, what if your urban legends were real?

Brought to us by the team of Joshua Zeman & Barbara Brancaccio, watch Cropsey online free – delves into a tragedy from their mutual childhoods, the disappearances of seven local Staten Island children….and the perpetrator’s possible connection to the decades-old campfire story of Cropsey, which ispired movies such as The Burning, and Madman.

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Currently part of the lineup at the Tribeca Film Festival, Cropsey looks to be a chilling and intriguing cross between The Burning and Blair Witch Project, and I for one can’t wait for it.

Now if someone could just make a Bloody Mary documentary…