21 Jump Street posterWhen it comes to Hollywood comedies, 21 Jump Street full movie has a very original setup. When they were young, the movie’s main character of Jenko and Schmidt (played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill) spent their time in high school hanging out with the opposite crowd. While Jenko was athletic and popular, Schmidt was socially awkward and exceedingly unpopular. Years later, both have grown up and became police officers, but also partners and unlikely best friends. One day, when a hard case comes their way, their Lieutenant, played by the excellent Ice Cube, orders them to go on an undercover mission. But, the essential twists why everyone who loves a good comedy should watch 21 Jump Street online free is that the pair needs to infiltrate a high school. Here, a dangerous drug ring is selling illegal substances in large amounts and these cops need to find out who is doing this and then bring them down.

The movie is based on a TV show from the 1980’s, where when you watch 21 Jump Street online the fresh-faced Johnny Depp played a young-looking officer who would pose as a teenager with the purpose of solving crimes. But, while the premise is completely borrowed from this vintage TV show, the rest of the film is as original as it gets. Instead of playing on the nostalgic value of the 80’s vibe, this film goes all out, focusing on the biting humor similar in nature to the one that made Judd Apatow’s movies, the most relevant US comedies in the 21st century. Here as well, the script writing was obviously designed to provide actors with plenty of wiggle room for on-camera improvisation and overacting, which is the reason why those who chose to watch 21 Jump Street are still making a good decision, especially if they are looking for some unusual laughs.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum

The full-blown weird madness of the comedy while you watch 21 Jump Street free online becomes apparent when two different undercover police officers enter their school and take up some kind of social role with the rest of the kids. But, unlike their past reality, the roles have now switched and Schmidt slowly finds himself being the popular one, while Jenko somehow, in spite of his impressive physique and athletic prowess, is marginalized by the kids. From here, the director duo of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller unleash a huge variety of jokes. These include references to many pop culture phenomena and many of those come in such rapid fire that they are almost too fast. Other jokes rely on total slapstick element and meta-humor, where a character has a long speech about the lack of originality and the need of the modern world to recycle old stuff. Finally, much of the humor is just strange and somehow completely meaningless, but still terribly funny.

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The film is carried mostly by both Hill and Tatum, who seem perfectly at ease with the plot and each other. Here, the strange and funny chemistry is bubbling like crazy (often literally) and producing incredible results that make the audience laugh out loud. Nowadays, 21 Jump Street watch online is definitely not going to become an indescribable cinematic experience, it still will provide more laugh that possibility any other Hollywood comedy that came out in 2012. This makes the full movie a true comedic jewel and a great choice, in a nutshell – a sharp and entertaining.